Tornaado U14 New Year hockey tournament is held in Tallinn, Estonia from 5th to 7th January 2024. Tournament is expected to attract teams from neighboring countries and as from Estonia.

The tournament is played in two series (AA/AAA). Six teams are included in each level and each team will have 5 matches during the tournament.

The duration of the game is 2 x 20 minutes (raw time). The last minute of the second period – clear time.

The total duration of one game is a maximum of 50 minutes (including warm-up). There is a one-minute break between sets.

Each team management group (coaches, parents, etc) nominates one player for tournament MVP award winner from among their team members.

The winning teams (placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at both levels) will receive a tournament cup and each team member will receive a medal.

Share your photos and videos from the tournament on Instagram with the hashtag #tornaadonewyearcup2024 .

Tournament fee: €700 per team

There is also a dining option, this is still being worked on, the price estimate is around €10/person per meal.

Booking fee €200 per team will be invoiced after registration is completed by team representative. The rest of the tournament fee must be paid before the start of the tournament. The tournament organizer reserves the right to cancel the tournament. In this case, the reservation fee/participation fee will be refunded.

Hotel offer package from Tallink Express Hotel (while not booked rooms remain):

1hh – 48€ per night

2hh – 55€ per night

HK Tornaado club coaching staff will do their best for your children to win their first of many hockey tournaments while keeping the quality and fair play.

If there are still unanswered questions please contact HK Tornaado management team.

hockey tournament
One of the players of HK Tornaado in ice hockey tournament.