About our club

HK Tornaado (KIDS Tornado Hockey Club) founded in 2009.

Kids hockey in HK Tornaado Club in Tallinn is a place to be!  The mission of the club is the development of youth hockey (kids hockey) and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle
among young people. Throughout the season, the club’s teams participate in the Championships of Estonia, Finland, and also have the opportunity to take part in international tournaments in different countries, where they have always fought for the highest places, and have also been their winners!

Today, teams U8 (2015/2016), U10 (2013/2014), U12 (2011/2012), U14 (2009/2010) play in the hockey club Tornaado. U16 (2007/2008), U18 (2005/2006). The kids hockey with in the club is  actively promoted to encourage kids towards the initial hockey training and development of hockey players.

To date, the club’s pupils play in different countries and leagues, as well as in the youth and adult teams of the Republic of Estonia.

Training takes place in the ice hall Tondiraba.

The Tondiraba Arena provides a full range of infrastructure necessary for comfortable and efficient
• Quality ice with bright lighting
• Spacious changing rooms with showers
• Drying rooms
• Skate sharpening workshop
• Gym
• Cafe with a wide selection of dishes

HK Tornaado participates in held by Estonian Hockey Federation championships and unique events across each calendar year.
For more information please reach out to HK Tornaado management team.

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